The Contagious Media Showdown Awards
6-8pm on Saturday June 18th at Eyebeam
$10 at the door, first come, first served.
Free for showdown contestants
Free for anyone dressed up for the red carpet

Join us Saturday June 18th for a red carpet event as we present the Contagious Media Showdown awards. The live audience will watch tearful acceptance speeches, listen to a live Mariachi band, enjoy a surprise performance, and drink plenty of chilled Champagne. The showdown server has sustained millions of hits and transferred terabytes of data but this congratulatory evening will celebrate the artists, designers, and humorists who made it all possible.

Host: Ze Frank of
Appearances: Jason Kottke of, Ricky Van Veen of, Cory Arcangel of Fancy Art Museums, Jonah Peretti of
Eyebeam, Paul Berry of Dog Island, and a very special guest performer.

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